Skin Care, have to share!

I am by no means any type of beauty blogger… in fact I barely use make up at all! Whilst I did do a couple of years as a Vie Representative, I did enjoy it and learn quite a bit back in my 20’s, but still it was never really high on my priority…. at least not until now, reaching my mid-30’s and noticing the signs of ageing!

I started researching, spoke to a skin care specialist to try and find reasonably priced everyday good skin care range that would calm my adult acne flare ups.

I have in the past visited Skin clinics and had chemical peels, which yes, give your skin a great look and feel (once you’ve got past the red peely skin!) but I find it’s not too long before the flare ups return!

So, this leads me on to a product that is on the high street, readily available and in the grand scheme of things, affordable, in my opinion.

“What is this product” I hear you cry! Well, it is L’Oreal Revitalift range, here is the link to their website: L’Oreal Revitalift Range 

I have been using the pre-soaked Anti-ageing glycolic peel pads which I use at night before bed, followed by the night cream from the same range. It’s been 2 weeks now and I am totally sold! Within 3-4 days I noticed a visible difference on my skin complexion and a massive reduction to the flare ups. I highly recommend giving it a try!

I will still use my Avene cleanser, I have used this for years and love it and have used a lot of the Avene range, including the clearance moisturiser which I use in the morning! It can be found here if you are interested Avene Cleanser

If you do try any of these products, make sure you check the directions for use, particularly with the revitalift pads as they can be quite harsh on your skin if you have sensitive skin, and make sure you use an SPF, recommended 30!

Have a good week, be kind.

Mrs S xxpexels-photo-286951.jpeg


March Madness

Well this certainly is a busy hectic month, the house is all prepped and ready for the wonderful decorator to come in and make out hallways look beautiful so that my very talented hubby can lay the gorgeous wood flooring! I am beyond excited for this transformation, it’s been 18 months in the making! This is what we are going for not the actually picture of ours yet, but a really nice deep dark colour.


The walls are going to be Card Room Green from Farrow Ball, lush colour, expensive paint! I will upload a picture when it’s done to see the full finished look, it will be amazing, especially with the gorgeous oak staircase the hubby made. I really am very lucky in that respect, so talented!

The decorating should be tide in nicely for when I am back from the Hen Do so that’s exciting, to see it being done, end of March we should have it complete ready for the next stage in April.

I know this wont be the end to the renovation as the biggest (and most expensive) aspects have been left until the end. Kitchen expansion and the Bathroom! I wont go into that just yet!

Work, this has been picking up much more as I become more established in my role and my name gets out there. I am really lucky to do a job I love and to feel as though I really can make a difference, that said I always wonder what else I can do!? In my spare time when it’s possible I like to get involved in charity challenges and different fundraising activities, I really need to have a think about my next one! Although maybe waiting until after the summer when all the madness dies down would be a better idea!

If you are thinking of taking part in a challenge, I recommend Discover Adventure  they are really good, I have done a couple of cycling challenges in the past that they have organised, couldn’t fault them.

On that note I must start thinking about packing for the Hen Do… with only cabin luggage I may have to pack support light if we are going to bring fun activities for the lovely Bride to Be!!

Be kind and keep smiling!

Mrs S xx


2018, off to a flying start!

What can I say, after the turbulent end to 2017, 2018 certainly has a stride in its step! I am so thankful for a lot of things right now, house is making excellent progress, it is really starting to feel like a home and things are coming together. I am a visual person, I need to see things to appreciate them, so it is great that all our inspiration and ideas are coming to fruition.

I started a new job before Christmas, which in a way was great timing what with everything else going on, I had a really positive things to focus on. The new team are great and I can’t believe 2 months have flown by already.

I have couple of great trips to look forward to, one with the hubby and one without! Hen Do trip in the sun in March which will be lush and just what I need! Cocktail, sun, dancing, just what the doctor ordered!


Then a few months back at it, Easter, couple of birthdays and off for a couple of weeks in the Sun! Bliss! oh and of course, hopefully an 80% complete house!

I will say, one of the positive that’s come out of the end of last year, I do always like to find a positive, is that we have really started to connect on another level, realising the importance of finding time for each other and doing things together that we both enjoy. He is very interested in motorbikes, so we have got all new gear and starting to go out together, in my mind this conquers to aspects, being out of the house and doing something he is passionate about! We have also joined the National Trust (this really made me feel old!) there are so many beautiful places to visit up and down the country and lots of things to entertain children so we can even get the boy out and about when we have him.

Any suggestions of good National Trust locations are welcomed?! We do love to explore! 

2018 also sees our 4 year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe how fast that has come round… 4 years married 7 years together… that brings me on to another point, the 7 year itch.

Has anyone heard of that??

I can be superstitious about things, however given the difficulties we had last year, I am hoping this peaked early for us, I don’t think I can deal with any more stress this year! Also with my more alternative head on, we have really embraced positive energies, meditating together and researching a lot into Crystals, they are amazing, you should definitely explore the healing powers and positive vibes these can provide. This is part of the reason why I feel we are so much more connected and why deep down I am hoping all these positive changes may, just may, change his mind on the children front. It could be that the way he was feeling influenced that decision and actually he would be open to it again.

Star signs are very true when it comes to character, at least from my experience they are, he is a Taurus and I a Capricorn, we match well together despite being quite different our family values are very similar.

I link this link for star signs: Star Sign Compatibility

Only a short post this time, lots of exciting things to come which I look forward to sharing with you. I’ll be sure to update on the Hen Do, house progress, May the birthday month and many more!

Be kind and keep smiling

Mrs S xx

Difficult end to 2017. . .

With all the good intentions I had of regularly posting on here, I seem to have failed in that after two posts! Well hopefully I will change that now, I love to keep a journal, and being slightly older than the social media savvy 20 somethings, I still do revert to writing in a paper journal!

The last few months of 2017 were challenging, there were some revelations, shocking and surprising, in October that completely rocked my world. Being a Capricorn I like to plan everything and be very organised and methodical with all aspects of life. That’s certainly taken a slight change now, well to a certain extent!

So, with my world being turned upside down in October with my husband declaring that he does not want children anymore, despite us always talking about it and working towards starting a family in 2018 once other aspects of our life were complete,  I felt at a complete loss. If there are any people out there that have experienced this, I would love to know how you managed this moving forward??

I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted to be a mother, and I also knew that there was no one else I wanted to share my life with. Either way, whatever decision I made, I would be heartbroken.

Several weeks passed and I started to accept that children were not going to be a part of my future, fortunately we hadn’t planned to start trying for another 8 months anyway and we still had the house project to finish so I convinced myself to stop thinking about it and focus on the things I could progress with.

Then came November, another disastrous month, our relationship was tested again. I wont go into the detail as I like to keep some things private, particularly when they involve others. Essentially, it felt like my marriage was over not through lack of love, but as it later transpired, my husband was having a mid life crisis! There was another rocky few weeks in November, which felt like an eternity. Eventually, things slowly started to improve, believe it or not, communication really does help!!

My husband would never consider therapy of any kind, he does however turn to alternative methods like meditation, which I am so thankful for. He looked into himself and seemed to have some really positive self reflection. In hindsight I could see that over the last 6 months of 2017 he wasn’t himself.

December certainly saw a new and improved man, insightful, open and a lot happier like he had some kind of positive spiritual influence. This was good to see and certainly improved our relationship and saw the year end with us very much back on track and with a stronger connection. That said, I still had those words “I don’t want to have children” running around at the back of my mind. I still get tearful and feel my heart ache if I find myself thinking about it too much, I have to tell myself to snap out of it and focus on the here and now and the exciting things we do have planned and to focus on.

House Renovationpexels-photo-221027.jpeg

Holidays – which we most definitely need!beach-holiday-vacation-caribbean.jpg

Then, maybe, we can revisit the conversation around children….

Until next time, be kind and keep smiling

New Chapter

The past week has been particularly busy, I had hoped to post on Sunday but to be perfectly honest, laying on the sofa and doing nothing was too hard to take myself away from!

The new chapter refers to saying goodbye to my family home. It’s times like this when I really appreciate how much of a grounded and stable upbringing I had and I really hope I can give my family when I have one of my own.

In my previous post I mentioned that my husband and I were renovating our period home, amazing experience, but very tiring. We finally made some progress and I no longer have a stair case in my dining room or machines in the house… they have moved to the rightful place in the workshop! This gives me great hope that the stairs may actually be finished and fitted soon 🙂 I live in hope! I will update with a photo of the before and after once it’s in and decorated.

I have been thinking a lot about career at the moment, what to do for the best considering family and finances. Like many of you out there, I am quite a career women, and also can not wait to have a family of my own. It’s so hard to know when it’s the right time, and as many say, particularly parents, there never is a right time. We’ve delayed it and delayed it and now we have the house, the jobs, getting back on our feet financially, but something inside me keeps wondering if it’s still the right time… maybe it’s just cold feet. We need to dive right in! I am a bit of a control freak, so I think I worry that by taking time off work to start a family will make me too worried about finances, I need to just LET IT GO! My husband is a fantastic support and has never let me down!

Speaking of husbands, I am looking forward to a husband free weekend in the house to myself… the sad thing is I will probably spend it cleaning and organising things. I need to make the most of a quiet home… maybe have my very own little dance party inspired by the one and only Greys Anatomy! Any other Grey’s lovers out there?!  🙂 That show is amazing! The day that stops filming will be a sad day! Slightly obsessed, and Scandal of course!

Sometimes I really wish I could relive my 20 something years where I was young and care free…. with the important people I have in my life now. Growing up and having responsibility isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be!

On a positive note, 2018 summer holiday is BOOKED!! I seriously hope that the house is completed by then so we can really let loose!

Have a great week people!

Mrs S


New to the world of blogging

I am new to the world of blogging, as the title suggests! I love writing, I over think EVERYTHING and probably think way too much, I find comfort in thinking about every possible outcome or option. It’s tiring to say the least, but it’s a habit I just can’t kick!

I hear so much about blogging and vlogging (a term I learnt from my step-son) I thought I would give it a go as an outlet to my thoughts, I figured that there must be someone out there on the same wave length as me or who at least would appreciate my blogs!

So as I get to grips with this blogging thing, I will slowly improve and expand on what I post including adding media, links to things I find useful and that are relevant to what I am posting about.

I am no expert in anything and certainly don’t claim to be, I just like to share my thoughts in the hope that if it helps just one person, then it was a thought well shared.

A little bit about me, I am a big planner, I have to have a plan for everything, even a back up plan for if and when plan A goes wrong! I have been this way as long as I can remember, I had my life planned out from when I would get married to how many kids I would have. Needless to say…. nothing goes to plan!

I am certainly on the right track, just a few years behind schedule 🙂 I have learnt not to get myself so worked up about things not going to plan, which has been a big learning curve for me, but absolutely worth it. I am happy, with a good job a great husband and loving and supportive family. I really couldn’t ask for anything more, I do believe we all have our own stories to tell in life and we are responsible for the chapters within that story. I try and take the positives away from every situation good or bad, I believe you can learn from them….. even if it takes a while to be able to reflect and find that learning.

Currently I am renovating a period property to make it our perfect family home, whilst at this stage in my life I had planned to have 2 children, I am so excited to be building the perfect home for us to then grow our family in. I have seen so many people renovate properties whilst having small families and hearing their stresses just makes me think it will be worth the wait for children to get this place done first.

Throughout my blogs I may link to things on the internet, where I do I will make sure to reference, I do find so many useful articles about everything from home renovations to babies and pregnancy! Pinterest is my favourite at the moment, I could browse for hours.

This is probably quite a short first blog, I am not actually sure how long they should be or if it even matters…. I guess this is my journey to share and I hope to put an update each week.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Mrs S xx