New to the world of blogging

I am new to the world of blogging, as the title suggests! I love writing, I over think EVERYTHING and probably think way too much, I find comfort in thinking about every possible outcome or option. It’s tiring to say the least, but it’s a habit I just can’t kick!

I hear so much about blogging and vlogging (a term I learnt from my step-son) I thought I would give it a go as an outlet to my thoughts, I figured that there must be someone out there on the same wave length as me or who at least would appreciate my blogs!

So as I get to grips with this blogging thing, I will slowly improve and expand on what I post including adding media, links to things I find useful and that are relevant to what I am posting about.

I am no expert in anything and certainly don’t claim to be, I just like to share my thoughts in the hope that if it helps just one person, then it was a thought well shared.

A little bit about me, I am a big planner, I have to have a plan for everything, even a back up plan for if and when plan A goes wrong! I have been this way as long as I can remember, I had my life planned out from when I would get married to how many kids I would have. Needless to say…. nothing goes to plan!

I am certainly on the right track, just a few years behind schedule 🙂 I have learnt not to get myself so worked up about things not going to plan, which has been a big learning curve for me, but absolutely worth it. I am happy, with a good job a great husband and loving and supportive family. I really couldn’t ask for anything more, I do believe we all have our own stories to tell in life and we are responsible for the chapters within that story. I try and take the positives away from every situation good or bad, I believe you can learn from them….. even if it takes a while to be able to reflect and find that learning.

Currently I am renovating a period property to make it our perfect family home, whilst at this stage in my life I had planned to have 2 children, I am so excited to be building the perfect home for us to then grow our family in. I have seen so many people renovate properties whilst having small families and hearing their stresses just makes me think it will be worth the wait for children to get this place done first.

Throughout my blogs I may link to things on the internet, where I do I will make sure to reference, I do find so many useful articles about everything from home renovations to babies and pregnancy! Pinterest is my favourite at the moment, I could browse for hours.

This is probably quite a short first blog, I am not actually sure how long they should be or if it even matters…. I guess this is my journey to share and I hope to put an update each week.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Mrs S xx


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